Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the Geofriends present their disatrous christmas disaster!

Well, there we have it gang. Another year for the 'friends has come and gone!
But not before the annual Christmas Special - complete with wackiness!

 We all hope you come back next February, after the break, and join the Geofriends in another fun-filled year of silliness (and perhaps fun!). What will they get up to next year? Will they have a Hallowe'en special? Will they all die in the apocalypse? Who knows!? One thing is for sure; the 'friends are very excited to bring you the latest in technological humour! After all, according to the Chinese calendar, 2012 IS the year of the internet.

So Happy Holidays folks! And Happy New Year!
The Geofriends will resume business on the first week of February! See you then!


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