Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Geofriends at SpeakEasy's Annual Comic Show!

 This year the Geofriends will be appearing at SpeakEasy's Annual Comic Show in Toronto!
the Geofriends will also be premiering brand new episodes for your viewing pleasure!
So be sure to get yer keister in gear and propel yourself on over for some fun!
Check out the posters for all the information.

Don't forget to say hi to me too! I can draw you stuff if you want, maybe... or just sit there... I'm relatively decent at both! I'll also open my mouth and shoot out audible words, try and catch 'em with your ears!
See you in November!|
...and don't forget to check out Hallowe'ek - online - here! Hopefully there'll be plenty treats this week, leading up to Hallowe'en!
Enjoy gang!

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Jenna said...

Just so you know, Adam - this is already in my calendar!