Monday, October 19, 2009

Hallowe'en Contest Comic!!

A big thanks to Jenna and Greg!


Jenna said...

Adam you're the best! I didn't even realize you were going to incorporate them into an actual comic! So great! But why does Falkor look so angry!? He's usually so happy and cute, but not in part 2. Still highlarioughs. So yes, Recey is ATREYU!! I just love how the crucifix is just leaning against a wall. Excellence.

ad said...

Ha, I wasn't trying to make him look angry. I was visualizing the part where Bastian and Falkor fly after the bullies at the end of the movie. That was my inspiration for the Falkor costume :) I'm glad you like the comic :D

Snort said...

That was farkin Hilarious!! TWO SMARTIES!!!! hahaha

Oh squarey. AND Recy's costume.. excellent!