Monday, June 28, 2010


alright folks! here they are!
be sure to leave your comments below! they'll be used for the unofficial voting and heck, they may even influence my decision for official winner:

submitted by dean:

submitted by mike:

submitted by frederic:

submitted by mack:

(mack had so many ideas, he submitted them all!
i'll let you folks at home determine which one of his three comics
will be his official entry to go up against the other entrants.)

submitted by kyle:

thank you EVERYONE for your amazing submissions!
this is awesome!
discuss folks!
i'll announce the winners of both contests NEXT MONDAY, JULY 5th!!


Cindy said...

I like Mack's - the one about cat meat. It's funny.

Stiggomar said...

I definitely like Mack's symbols one the best.

The Home Care Directory said...
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Mack said...

I love how dark humor was a consistent theme with circey, hahaha. I think I'll have to go with frederic's because it caught me by surprise! lol

Alexa said...

I vote for Frederic's! :D