Monday, June 28, 2010


here are the submissions for the casting call for the geofriends movie!
these turned out awesome!
i seriously love all the ideas that everyone thought up. it's really inspirational. thanks heaps for taking part gang. this is just fantastic!
now, be sure to leave your comments below, any and everyone!

submitted by greg:

submitted by mike:

submitted by alexa:

thanks for the submissions folks, these ideas are all hilarious!!
the winner will be announced NEXT MONDAY, JULY 5th, so stay tuned!


Mack said...

LOL I thinkn Doo Doo Caca has my vote. I'd see that in theaters :D

Alexa said...

My vote goes for Jaws: The Vampire Shark!

Mack said...

However, Triey played by a bus is fantastic hahaha,